Aesthetic medicine to help with excessive sweating

Sweating is a natural process in the human body, which controls the body temperature, i.e. prevents overheating or heat stroke; yet in some cases, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can hinder normal activities, diminish the feeling of comfort in everyday life, not just in physical terms but also in connection with contacts with other people. In cases of true hyperhidrosis, antiperspirant products or medications will not help; that’s why you should consider making an appointment at Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, where you will find a hyperhidrosis treatment method that has been very popular for years, as it is a very effective, low invasive procedure involving neurotoxin injection. 

Which areas of the body are most often prone to excessive sweating?
· armpits, 
· forehead, 
· scalp, 
· feet, 
· hands. 

How is hyperhidrosis diagnosed?
Before the neurotoxin treatment is applied at Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, first the body areas affected by excessive sweating are identified. These areas are determined using the Minor test, where iodine is applied on a body part and then covered with starch. If the sweating process is excessive, dark stains will start to occur on the starch layer just after a few seconds. Hyperhidrosis is a very common problem, related to hyperactivity of sweat glands. Doctors are increasingly withdrawing pharmacological treatment in favor of the neurotoxin, which is not only effective but also free of any side effects typical of antiperspirant products (active for a limited time only) or medications (blocking the production of sweat, with a diuretic effect). 

Why is neurotoxin used for the treatment?
High quality neurotoxin can help you get rid of excessive sweating for a few months. The neurotoxin preparation will be applied to the exact site affected by hyperhidrosis. Neurotoxin works to block the neural impulses which stimulate sweat glands’ activity. You can say the product irritates the nerve endings, thus reducing the production of sweat. 

What are the advantages of using neurotoxin?
· Low invasive treatment, 
· Rapid effects, 
· No recovery required, 
· Almost painless.

Who should avoid neurotoxin?
· Pregnant women, 
· Breastfeeding women,
· Patients with blood clotting disorders, 
· Neurotoxin intolerant patients, 
· Patients with deep skin lesions or infections, 
· Congenital muscle disorder patients,
· Patients taking certain antibiotics and medications. 

What is the hyperhidrosis treatment procedure?
Before the hyperhidrosis treatment, we apply anesthetic cream at the point of injection at Dr Parda. Neurotoxin is injected through a very thin needle into the problem sites. The neurotoxin injection is almost painless, yet this aspect depends primarily on the patient’s individual sensitivity. Ice is often used to cool the injection area instead of applying anesthetic cream. A feeling of discomfort, minor swelling and tiny spots may appear on the skin around the injection site after the treatment. During excessive sweating treatment on hands, we improve the patients’ comfort by using additional anesthetic spray products.

What are the effects of treatment?
The effects will appear immediately after the procedure; repeated neurotoxin injections are recommended to maintain the desired results. The outcome of treatment (reduced sweat production) is typically maintained for 6 to 12 months, though a lot depends on the patient’s individual characteristics.


The price list
Price from
Price to
forehead mimic wrinkes - transverse
750 pln (W)
900 pln (M)
eyes mimic wrinkles - crow's feet
750 pln (W)
900 pln (M)
between the eyebrows / „Mars" wrinkle
750 pln (W)
900 pln (M)
2 areas in the same time
1300 pln (W)
1500 pln (M)
3 areas in the same time
1500 pln (W)
1800 pln (M)
bruxsim treatment
1350 pln (W)
armpits excessive sweating
1900 pln (W)
2200 pln (M)
hands hyperhidrosis
1900 pln (W)
2200 pln (M)
migraine treatment
2300 pln (W)
2600 pln (M)

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