Beautiful legs without spider veins

For many women legs are one of their greatest assets. Unfortunately, they may show a number of problems, mostly associated with chronic venous insufficiency, i.e., visible spider veins, dilatation of reticular veins and varicose veins. The aforementioned symptoms of venous insufficiency can become intense most often under the influence of warmth, i.e., in the spring and summer season, when we want to show our legs and not be ashamed to walk around in dresses or shorts. Do you want your legs to look healthy and attractive? Just make an appointment with Dr. Parda! The Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine offers a spider vein removal procedure using the Genesis laser, which works amazingly not only in photo-rejuvenation therapy, but also in reducing enlarged pores or erythema. What is the Genesis laser procedure and why is it worth using? 


What is the Genesis Laser?

Genesis has been described as a true revolution in photorejuvenation therapy, as it not only revitalizes the skin but also improves its overall condition. Therefore, the Genesis treatment procedure is ideal for those who want to eliminate visible signs of aging, while also reducing visible pores or facial erythema. The advantage of the Genesis laser is the combination of high laser power with microsecond pulses and their high frequency, leading to great skin rejuvenation effects. At Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, the Genesis treatment is performed with V-Laser, which not only has high parameters but also a wide spectrum of activity. The Genesis laser can without much of a problem close even thicker or deeper venous vessels, because the laser emits long-pulsed beams. Moreover, the Genesis procedure sends microsecond pulses that heat up the upper layer of the skin, thanks to which fibroblasts are stimulated to initiate the formation of new collagen.


What is the laser used for?

The Genesis laser is not only great for closing spider veins and larger veins, but it is also readily used in the fight against a variety of dermatological problems such as: rosacea, scars, hyperpigmentation, acne vulgaris, erythema or wrinkles. The all-year-round Genesis laser is excellent in regeneration and revitalization of both face and body skin, thanks to which during the spring-summer season you will look extremely aesthetic, young and feminine!


What are the main benefits of the Genesis laser procedure?

  • little pain,
  • no recovery period needed,
  • all-year-round treatment, including tanned skin,
  • no side effects.

Are there any contraindications to the procedure?

  • systemic Infections or at the site to be treated,
  • skin diseases, such as vitiligo and psoriasis,
  • taking photosensitizing medications. 
The price list
single naevus araneus
300 pln
telangiectasies - full face
1200 pln
telangiectasies - cheeks
900 pln
telangiectasies - nose or chin
550 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - face (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1300 pln
3600 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cheeks (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
900 pln
2400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - nose (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - forehead (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
700 pln
1800 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - chin (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - single mark
650 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on calf or thigh
1050 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on the whole limb
2050 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face
1500 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face & neck
2200 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face/neck/cleavage
2900 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - neck & cleavage
2200 pln

Autor: Dr Parda

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