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Each of us wants to look attractive for as long as possible, despite the current canons of beauty. The pursuit of ideal looks is possible thanks to modern treatments of aesthetic medicine, which more and more often abandon the scalpel in favor of less invasive solutions that make it possible to maintain a fresh and healthy look. Body fondness is the desire for a sense of fulfillment of a beautiful body as well as a healthy mind. Aesthetic medicine cares for the mental comfort of patients not only by getting rid of skin flaws and complexes associated with the body, but above all provides them with a young, beautiful, and attractive appearance. Aesthetic medicine treatments available on the market combined with a healthy diet, physical activity and proper amount of sleep guarantee a better well-being. A beautiful and well-groomed body also positively affects our mental health, because we feel good and comfortable in it, which in turn affects our sense of attractiveness, as well as the level of satisfaction with our lives. Are you curious about the offer Dr. Parda has prepared this month?


Facial ultrasound, why is it so important?

Ultrasound has been of great diagnostic importance in medicine for decades; however, only recently has it been increasingly used in aesthetic medicine. Facial ultrasound is now a standard of aesthetic medicine and at Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, each consultation is complemented by facial ultrasound to avoid or at least minimize vascular complications. In addition, with a prior ultrasound procedure, it is possible to accurately plan a treatment protocol, which Dr. Parda will perform effectively and safely. Dr. Parda also conducts a unique facial ultrasound training at Dr. Parda's Aesthetic Medicine Clinic called "Facial Ultrasound", which is co-taught with Dr. Rosa Sigrist – an expert in dermatologic ultrasound from Sao Paulo.


Boiling frog syndrome, what is it?

The term boiling frog syndrome was used by a French philosopher and writer Olivier Clark, who noted that when you put a frog in hot water, instead of jumping out, the frog will adjust its body temperature to the water temperature until its adaptive capacity becomes exhausted and it dies. How does this story translate to our everyday lives? Often, instead of running away, for example, from toxic relationships or unfavorable situations, we try to adapt to them because we think there is no other way out. During medical consultations, dr. Parda addresses not only problems concerning your body, but also issues hidden much deeper. It is important to remember that in order to feel comfortable and attractive in your own body, you need to have the right mental attitude, because beauty results primarily from the balance between the psyche and the body.


How to firm body skin?

Do you feel that your skin is beginning to lose its youthful firmness? Do you want to minimize the signs of aging and eliminate the skin defects like wrinkles, stretch marks, scars or flabbiness? At DR. PARDA Clinic, we use combined treatments, during one session, which synergistically affect the remodeling of aging skin.  Typically, we start with ablative laser procedures (laser 1064 nm) and the Genesis protocol and then enhance the effect of micro-needle radiofrequency with micro-puncturing (RF INFINII or the most modern FORTIS with LEO), so we can enhance the entire procedure with a percutaneous injection of thickening substances or PRP. Many female patients, recovering from delivery, have taken advantage of this COMBO to firm their postpartum abdominal skin.


Body remodeling, where to start?


If, despite intensive exercise and diet, your body still doesn't look the way you would like it to, an ideal treatment for you is fat remodeling that combines cryolipolysis with shock wave, which will enable mechanical destruction of fat cells to reduce twice as much fat tissue and achieve the effect even three times faster than with exercise and diet. The German ZLIPO and ZWAVE systems by Zimmer are immensely trustworthy in this case.


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