Complications after treatment, including vascular problems, and the role of ultrasound scans in prevention and treatment of complications

Ultrasound tests have been popular for years in many fields of medicine; recently, they have become the golden rule for aesthetic medicine. At the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Dr Parda extends every appointment with a skin ultrasound on the face or body, so as to accurately plan the aesthetic procedure and avoid or minimize any vascular complications involved. Facial ultrasound is also commonly used for treatment of complications, mainly vascular problems or pain, reported by patients. With the ultrasound procedure, Dr Parda can target the problem effectively, safely and precisely, so that the patient can feel comfortable and beautiful again. Dr Parda also offers a pioneering course in ultrasound scans to anyone who may be interested; during the course, Dr Parda and Dr Sigrist will share their experience with ultrasound-controlled aesthetic medicine procedures.

Ultrasound facial scan - how is this taken?

Aesthetic medicine intervention appointment with Face Sonogram is the golden rule for Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, as a necessary process for creating an efficient and safe treatment plan that prevents complications and pain for the patient. The face sonogram precedes all low invasive processes, as it visually presents the skin structure and is used for diagnostics of any skin implants. One of the key benefits of a face ultrasound scan is the opportunity to ensure a safe procedure, particularly in patients suffering from vascular problems. There is a difference between a ‘theoretical patient’ we can see in a medical encyclopedia and an actual patient in the clinic because everyone’s body is built differently, with varying skin thickness parameters, while the ultrasound scan guarantees incredible effects of low invasive procedures.

Whe do we recommend an ultrasound scan?

  • Diagnostics and treatment of complications, particularly vascular,
  • Blood vessels mapping,
  • Assessment of specific components of the skin, face muscles and skin tissue.


What are the contraindications for an ultrasound face scan?

There are no major contraindications for a face sonogram because this is a non-invasive, pain-free diagnostic method, available even for pregnant women. An ultrasound facial scan offers an opportunity to maximize the effects of help for patients and to monitor the effects of any procedure.

What is the ultrasound scan course taught by Dr Parda?

Dr Barbara Parda together with Dr Rosa Sigrist as experts in cosmetic ultrasound, Sao Paolo, at a pioneering "Facial Ultrasound” course, sharing their experience with ultrasound controlled aesthetic medicine procedures. Facial ultrasound is the future of aesthetic medicine, as it enables detailed observation and analysis of the tiniest skin and tissue structures. Moreover, a Doppler ultrasound can deliver a map of blood vessel, which makes it extremely effective in treatment of vascular complications. The course held at Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is targeted at aesthetic medicine professionals who are willing to expand their proposal with an innovative treatment method involving ultrasound scans.


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