Firmer body skin — combined tightening protocols

Our skin loses its firmness gradually with time, becoming thinner, dry and flaccid, and wrinkles begin to develop. Are you wondering what to do to regain youth and enjoy the youthful feeling longer? Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers a body skin firmness procedure involving combined tightening protocols, which will not only visibly tighten the epidermis but also improve the overall condition and revitalization of the skin. The combined protocols pursued at Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is a perfect option for anyone interested in removing all signs of aging from the skin, reducing visible redness or large pores. These protocols are a real revolution in photoaging and thermolift therapy. Look what we have to offer!


ThermoLift face and body skin tightening - what is it?


ThermoLift face and body skin tightening at Dr Parda Clinic is a single device procedure that offers a combination of the results of microneedling, fractional laser and radio waves, while avoiding any overheating of the epidermis. Through the above mentioned RF INFINI procedure, patients may count on elimination of the signs of aging on the skin as well as any skin defects such as stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, flaccid skin. This procedure is not only recommended for patients interested in better looks but also for those who want prevention and improvement of their skin density and resistance to aging processes. Anesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area for better comfort, and the procedure itself consists of introducing microneedles with a special layer of silicone and gold into subsequent layers of the skin. The needles penetrate the patient’s skin in waves so that they get to each consecutive layer easily, which is followed by generation of a radio wave impulse and immediate withdrawal of the needles, when the tissues surrounding the tips are heated.


What are the advantages of ThermoLift?

  • Short healing of the skin after the treatment,
  • Quickly noticeable skin tightening results,
  • Long lasting effect,
  • Low invasive, low pain treatment,
  • Procedure can be applied on the face and full body,
  • Skin tightening can be done at any time of year.


Uses of the tightening protocol

  • To improve firmness of thin skin on the face, around the cheeks, cheek pouch, chin, or neck,
  • To make the skin firmer around the arms, stomach and thighs,
  • To remove wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring and large pores,
  • Possible treatment of excessive underarm sweating,
  • Preventive anti-aging treatment to stimulate new collagen production.


What are the contraindications for the procedure?

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Cancer,
  • Skin inflammation or infection,
  • Blood clotting disorders.


Genesis laser procedure - what are the effects?


The Genesis laser procedure, which is considered a real revolution in photoaging therapy, is also included in a series of combined tightening protocols. This procedure can improve the skin condition and immediate rejuvenation for successful anti-aging effects. Genesis laser procedures are perfect before special occasions when you have little time for preparing your skin but you still want to look unique. The procedure has the immediate effect of uniform skin tone, reduction of large pores and elimination of signs of aging, and you can quickly return to your normal routine afterwards.

The price list
MORPHEUS 8 microneedle radiofrequency
2050 pln
1500 pln
1950 pln
3050 pln
3050 pln
1050 pln
3300 pln
2050 pln
STRETCH STRETCHES (depending on the size of the area)
2000 pln
OTHER AREAS (depending on the size of the area)
to be agreed individually
to be agreed individually
2050 pln
2950 pln
single naevus araneus
300 pln
telangiectasies - full face
1200 pln
telangiectasies - cheeks
900 pln
telangiectasies - nose or chin
550 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - face (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1300 pln
3600 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cheeks (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
900 pln
2400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - nose (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - forehead (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
700 pln
1800 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - chin (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - single mark
650 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on calf or thigh
1050 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on the whole limb
2050 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face
1500 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face & neck
2200 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face/neck/cleavage
2900 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - neck & cleavage
2200 pln

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