Fractional thermolift = microneedle radiofrequency – to make your skin glow!

Is your skin excessively dry after the winter? Does it lack a young and radiant look, but instead is pale and dull, adding you years? To regain its full glow, go to the Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, where you will be taken care of by a qualified doctor who will help choose the treatment best suited to your problem and skin condition. Dr. Parda offers modern treatments designed for fractional thermolift of the skin on the face or body, so that with just one device you can achieve the effects of up to three individual treatments, i.e., microneedling, fractional laser and radiofrequency. Is microneedle radiofrequency a treatment for you?


What is skin thermolift?

A skin thermolift procedure at Dr. Parda's Aesthetic Medicine Clinic consists in puncturing consecutive layers of skin with micro-needles covered with a layer of silicone and gold. The depth of needles insertion ranges from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm and depends on the thickness of the patient's skin, and thus it is adjusted to each patient individually after examining skin condition. The needles, covered with gold and silicone, penetrate into the skin in a wave-like manner, thanks to which they penetrate into subsequent layers of the skin without any difficulty, contributing to the reduction of the procedure's painfulness. When the needles penetrate the skin, a radiofrequency field impulse is sent, which makes the tissue around the needles warm up. Afterwards, the needles retract immediately, which prevents overheating or burning of the epidermis. Despite the high power and intensity of the treatment, the skin returns to its original state after just a few minutes and the patient can continue their daily activities on the next day. The advantage is that it can be performed throughout the year, as there is no photosensitization problem, although it is recommended to use creams with a high filter.


What skin defects can thermolift help with?

  • wrinkles, stretch marks and scars,
  • flabby skin on the face and body,
  • post-pregnancy abdomen,
  • enlarged pores.


What are the benefits of thermolift?

  • long-lasting results,
  • shorter healing time compared to laser therapy,
  • low invasiveness and slight pain,
  • possible to be performed all year round,
  • intended not only for the face but also the whole body.


Are there any contraindications to the procedure?

Thermolift treatment is not indicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It should not be performed for cancer patients, as well as those with an implanted pacemaker. Moreover, in case of inflammation and skin infections in the areas where the procedure is to be performed, it should be avoided as well. Another contraindication concerns a tendency to blood clotting disorders and susceptibility to keloids.

The price list
MORPHEUS 8 microneedle radiofrequency
2050 pln
1500 pln
1950 pln
3050 pln
3050 pln
1050 pln
3300 pln
2050 pln
STRETCH STRETCHES (depending on the size of the area)
2000 pln
OTHER AREAS (depending on the size of the area)
to be agreed individually
to be agreed individually
2050 pln
2950 pln

Autor: Dr Parda

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