Genesis laser for male skin/lip imperfections!

Facial flaccidity, wrinkles, or even lip discoloration caused by dryness - all these dermatological conditions can be completely eliminated or at least reduced with the all-year Genesis laser treatments. The Genesis laser used at Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is a revolutionary achievement in photo-rejuvenation therapy, as it delivers incredible results, can be used on suntanned skin, and is pain-free. Genesis laser is the perfect choice for anyone interested in eliminating visible signs of aging, looking extremely attractive and vital. You should be aware of the fact that collagen production in your body decreases strongly with age. Collagen is responsible for elasticity and smoothness of your skin. That is the reason why wrinkles start to appear and the skin becomes visibly thinner and flaccid. These imperfections are usually visible not only on the face but also around the neck, which is an uncomfortable experience for women and men alike. How to restore your skin’s youthful appearance?

How to give more firmness to the skin on your face?
Noticing more and more prominent wrinkles each year? Perhaps your skin is no longer as firm as it used to be? The reason of all this is the depletion of collagen in your body - it is a substance responsible for keeping the right level of skin elasticity and smoothness. At Dr Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, we use the Genesis laser for skin density enhancement. It is a low-invasive procedure that enables thermal stimulation of fibroblasts, thus increasing collagen production. Your skin will not only become more elastic and firm, but also visibly toned. You can make an appointment for a Genesis laser session even before a big night out - you will not need any recovery period and you will come back to your normal activity immediately. Men are also very satisfied with this treatment on the lips - red pigmentation area is revitalized without any hyaluronic acid injection.

How to improve your skin color and texture?
Genesis laser will not only make your skin firmer and more elastic, but also reduce major wrinkles and pores, for a better skin tone with improved structure. At Dr Parda, the results will be prominent immediately after the treatment. Another purpose of the procedure is to alleviate redness. The short Genesis laser pulse technology will not damage the epidermis and you need not be concerned about returning to your daily routine with a smooth, radiant skin.

How to increase the volume of collagen in your body?
Collagen production in the human body starts to decrease dramatically already after 30, with the skin losing its elasticity and firmness. The skin on the face starts to develop visible wrinkles and lose its original shape. That’s why it is so important to regenerate collagen fibers in the body, and thus to restore precious nutrients for the skin. By stimulating collagen fiber recovery, skin tension will be improved, with a lot of added firmness and visibly reduced wrinkles.
~The treatment is applied in series at 6 sessions a month on average, throughout the year, all seasons.

We specifically recommend the following uses of Genesis laser in male patients:
- To improve skin tension and density on the face and body,
- For photo-rejuvenation of the lips/red pigment area!!!
- To reduce redness,
- To eliminate fine lines.

What are the advantages of laser use?
· Pain-free procedure, much appreciated by men!!!
· Non-invasive procedure,
· No recovery period,
· Can be used on suntanned skin.

Who should not use Genesis laser treatments?
· Patients with skin diseases such as psoriasis or vitiligo,
· Patients taking photosensitizing medications,
· Patients with skin infections,
· Patients with generalized infections.

The price list
V LASER -1064 nm and 532 nm
Price from
Price to
single naevus araneus
150 pln
telangiectasies - full face
800 pln
telangiectasies - cheeks
600 pln
telangiectasies - nose or chin
400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - face (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1000 pln
2700 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cheeks (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
800 pln
1850 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - nose (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
400 pln
950 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - forehead (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
600 pln
1400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - chin (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
500 pln
100 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - neck (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
800 pln
1850 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cleavage (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1000 pln
2700 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - single mark
450 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on calf or thigh
800 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on the whole limb
1600 pln
Genesis - laser skin thickening - face
1000 pln
Genesis - laser skin thickening - face & neck
1600 pln
Genesis - laser skin thickening - face/neck/cleavage
1900 pln

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