Get healthy and glowing skin by getting rid of spider veins and erythema

Sooner or later each skin type will need regeneration due to the visible effects of aging processes, improper care or even adverse weather conditions. Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments that can help you gain a young, healthy and glowing skin. Year-round treatments at Dr. Parda's will allow you not only to eliminate the signs of aging, but also shrink pores or reduce erythema, so you can feel beautiful and unique with no complexes and increased self-esteem!

What is photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation therapy is a year-round Genesis laser procedure used to revitalize and improve skin condition. Photorejuvenation therapy at Dr. Parda's is perfect for anyone wishing to shrink pores, reduce erythema, and erase the signs of time. The Genesis laser combines microsecond high laser intensity and frequency pulses to achieve desired effects. The Genesis Laser will not only deal with dermatological issues, such as acne and hyperpigmentation, but will also help to constrict blood vessels and reduce skin redness.

What are the advantages of the Genesis procedure?

The main advantages include no side effects or pain thanks to which the procedure can be performed even before big outings with little time to spare. The procedure brings immediate effects by improving the look of your skin with no time required for recovery. This allows you to return to normal life and daily activities. During the procedure the patient may only feel a slight warmth on the skin. The Genesis procedure is a year-round treatment, so it can be performed even on tanned skin.

How to get rid of "spider veins"?

The term "spider veins" is used for dilated capillaries, which contribute to aesthetic problems and can be a source of discomfort. Usually, this is a genetic condition, or it may be caused by hormonal imbalance, excessive skin sensitivity or circulatory problems. Affected individuals can have their "spider veins" removed with the V-Laser, which uses long pulses that close even deeply located blood vessels. The procedure is safe even for delicate facial skin. Prior to treatment, the number, condition, and depth of vessels are checked.

Erythema treatment – what does it look like?

V-Laser is also extremely effective for facial erythema, which is a rather bothersome ailment not only due to aesthetic reasons. Skin erythema manifests itself not only in redness, but also in other symptoms like flaking, burning and pain, because it usually results from the dysfunction of blood vessels that dilate under the influence of emotions, increased blood pressure, frost, and high temperature. The laser beam reaches the vessel and is irreversibly destroyed and absorbed. Such a treatment requires no recovery, so the patient can immediately return to their daily activities.

Who can benefit from fractional CO2 laser?

  • People with stretch marks and scars.
  • People struggling with photodamage and photoaging of the skin.
  • People with sagging skin on the face, abdomen and arms.
  • People with hormone-, sun- or drug-induced hyperpigmentation.
  • People with wrinkles around the mouth or eyes.


What are the effects of treatment with the eCO2 laser?

The eCO2 laser facilitates the formation of new collagen, which will contribute to a significant increase in skin firmness as well as overall skin revitalization. New collagen formation takes an average of 3 to 6 months, so your skin will continually improve in appearance. With the eCO2 laser, your skin will be significantly smoothed out; fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced, pores closed, and firmness restored. In addition, thanks to the eCO2 laser, the skin will gain an elastic texture and significantly improve its shade. Patients with any skin problems can be qualified for the eCO2 laser treatment.


The price list
ECO2 LUTRONIC fractional laser
2050 pln
1150 pln
1430 pln
990 pln
1350 pln
to be agreed individually
500 pln
single naevus araneus
300 pln
telangiectasies - full face
1200 pln
telangiectasies - cheeks
900 pln
telangiectasies - nose or chin
550 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - face (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1300 pln
3600 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cheeks (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
900 pln
2400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - nose (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - forehead (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
700 pln
1800 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - chin (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - single mark
650 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on calf or thigh
1050 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on the whole limb
2050 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face
1500 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face & neck
2200 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face/neck/cleavage
2900 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - neck & cleavage
2200 pln

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