LASER removal of unwanted hair, including light hair not removable so far!

Dreaming of perfect skin before national May holiday? Don't you want to worry about epilating your legs on your May Day trip? Do you want to enjoy freedom and quickly and effectively get rid of hair from almost all parts of your body? Laser epilation performed at the Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic can help you with that. It is a great alternative to standard shaving or waxing, as it guarantees long-lasting effects and is completely safe and almost painless. In order for the epilation treatment to be fully effective, it is extremely important to prepare properly and check for any contraindications. What does the epilation procedure look like at Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic?


What is painless hair removal?


Fast and safe removal of body hair is possible at Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic thanks to the use of Leonardo A.L.T. technology, which is a great alternative to other well-known hair removal methods. Smooth skin can be obtained in many ways, however, most of them work temporarily and require frequent corrections, which can sometimes spoil our mood. If you use other methods than laser epilation for hair removal, your skin can become irritated and red, which is often accompanied by inflammation and ingrown hairs that significantly spoil the aesthetic effect. Laser epilation allows for permanent hair removal and is increasingly popular not only with ladies but also with men, who perform it on selected parts of the body for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. 


Leonardo A.L.T. Hyper Pulse, how does it work?

Leonardo A.L.T. Hyper Pulse is a device that emits 5 pulses per second with a total energy of 200 J, which proves its increased efficiency. The advantage of the device is that you do not have to repeat movements on a given area of the skin many times because the laser effectively destroys hair already at first try. Leonardo used at Dr. Parda's Clinic is equipped with 5 different cooling systems, thanks to which even high parameters of the device do not lead to skin burns, and at the same time the time needed for hair removal is shortened. Thanks to this device, epilation of the whole body can be performed from 18 to 25 minutes. Laser epilation with Leonardo is a great choice for those who are looking for a painless, fast, safe and effective solution for the reduction of both dark and light hair.


What are the benefits of epilation?

  • Low pain
  • Quick procedure
  • High efficiency


What are the contraindications?

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding,
  • active skin diseases,
  • epilepsy,
  • hormonal diseases,
  • cancer,
  • diabetes,
  • use of antibiotics and photosensitizing drugs,
  • taking blood thinners, Roaccutane, retinol or products containing AHA/BHA.


Not just epilation, what else can the Leonardo A.L.T. Hyper Pulse device do?


Leonardo is a versatile device which is not only used for removing unwanted hair but also contributes, by stimulating collagen, to slowing down skin ageing. It is also gladly used at Dr. Parda's Clinic for the reduction of facial erythema and the treatment of hyperpigmentation.


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