Multidirectional action of MICRO & NANOFAT means facial rejuvenation with your own fat, rich in stem cells!

Time passes inexorably, and the aging process affects each of us without exception. With age, the skin loses firmness, has more wrinkles and imperfections as well as different fatty tissue distribution. This means that fatty tissue disappears, for example, on the hands or face and accumulates in less desirable places, most often on the abdomen and thighs. Of course, the speed of aging processes is an individual matter and depends on factors dependent on you, such as hydration or the amount of physical activity, as well as independent of you, i.e., genetics and environment. In Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, patients whose skin needs regeneration, revitalization or local reconstruction can take advantage of Micro & Nano fat transplant procedure. This effective treatment is characterized by minimal invasiveness and low possibility of complications. Why should you opt for this aesthetic medicine procedure?

What is Micro & Nanofat treatment?

Mikro & Nanofat grafting is a minimally invasive method of lipofilling, which is the latest method of transplanting your own fat tissue developed by Dr. Mario Goisis of Milan, who is considered one of the most experienced specialists in regenerative medicine worldwide. Micro & Nanofat is the ideal way to locally revitalize, regenerate and rebuild the skin. By transplanting your own fat, a lipotransfer procedure can be performed to replenish lost volume while regenerating the skin. Miko & Nanofat is a great alternative to hyaluronic acid, sculptra and calcium hydroxyapatite.

What does the treatment with Micro & Nano fat look like?

Prior to the Micro & Nanofat procedure, adipose tissue is taken from the patient, which after appropriate preparation is ready for use. The injection takes place under local anesthesia and is performed using a special 2mm cannula with a blunt tip. The cannula ensures that the fat cells are protected from excessive damage during fat retrieval and also reduces the time of liposuction. Thanks to the use of the mentioned device, the fat does not have to be centrifuged, which guarantees the effectiveness of the entire procedure and minimizes the occurrence of complications. With Dr. Parda, the procedure takes about 1 hour.

What are the indications for the procedure?

  • rejuvenation of the eye area,
  • facial volumetrics,
  • rejuvenation of the neck, hands, breasts, buttocks and reproductive organs,
  • treatment of alopecia,
  • treatment of "smoker's" wrinkles

Who should not benefit from the procedure?

  • pregnant women,
  • breastfeeding women,
  • people with skin infections,
  • people with general infections.

What are the effects of the treatment?

The effects of Mikro & Nanofat treatment are immediate. After the treatment the patient can return to their daily activities in exactly the same way as after treatment with hyaluronic acid. The treatment is recommended once a year, and to maintain satisfactory results, it is recommended to perform monthly mesotherapy. The appearance of the skin after the treatment is very natural – there is no excessive sharpening of features or their unnatural exaggeration.

The price list
Face modelling with own fat
6600 pln

Autor: Dr Parda

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