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I guess each of us experience a moment in our lives when we would like to stop and last.... and although it is not possible, as life is constantly rushing forward, thanks to aesthetic medicine treatments, you can keep your young and radiant look for longer! Improving your appearance will allow you to get rid of complexes and regain confidence, which in turn will change your mood for better. At Dr. Parda Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, we will not only take care of your physical appearance, but also provide you with psychological comfort, so that after the visit you will feel fully relaxed, rested and above all loved. How to stop time with Dr. Parda and feel young again?

How to get rid of fine wrinkles?

An extremely effective solution thanks to which we regain a young look by smoothing out wrinkles, improving skin tension and smoothing out the skin tone is eCO2 laser peeling, which is characterized by a wide spectrum of activity. Moreover, this treatment is characterized by minimized discomfort and healing time reduced to 3-5 days. The laser beam "punctures" the skin and leads to its damage, thanks to which a rapid process of healing and skin regeneration begins. New collagen is formed after 3 to 6 months and improves skin appearance, allowing us to feel younger and younger. 

How to safely close broken capillaries on the face?

Do you struggle with broken capillaries on the face? Or do you suffer from unaesthetic erythema? If so, Dr. Parda proposes laser therapy treatment using a modern V-Laser, which is ideal for reducing the appearance of vascular lesions, as well as pigmented lesions. The V-Laser not only effectively treats erythema and closes red and blue capillaries, but also rejuvenates the skin by making it tightened. 

Photorejuvenation, how does it work?

The year-round Genesis treatment is also very popular at Dr. Parda's Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. It is considered a true revolution in photo-rejuvenation, because it not only improves the condition of the skin, but also revitalizes it, so that the skin has a beautiful and radiant appearance. The Genesis Protocol is the right solution for people who want to say goodbye to the signs of aging, as well as reduce the visible pores on the skin. Indications for the treatment are primarily erythema, flabby skin, and visible pores. The advantages are no side effects, painlessness and no recovery period. Moreover, the procedure can be performed even on tanned skin. Genesis, due to its painlessness and no recovery, is a favorite treatment among men.

 What is skin revitalization?

We already know that with age our skin is increasingly susceptible to the aging process, so it loses its youthful firmness, becomes flabby and more and more wrinkly. At Dr. Parda's, you will find effective solutions to revitalize your skin without the use of a scalpel. One of the most commonly used treatments is the Alluzience treatment, a liquid neuromodulator that guarantees fast results, low invasiveness and almost no pain.

 The Alluzience neuromodulator can be used for:

  • the lion’s wrinkles

In addition to its indications, it is also used for other problems, just like the " older" neuromodulators.

What are the advantages of lifting threads?

As the years go by, the skin becomes drier, thinner and much less silky as the body loses its ability to produce collagen and the fibers begin to break down and degrade. Due to the processes mentioned above, the skin becomes much more saggy and wrinkly. Don't want to use a scalpel for now? We have prepared for you a minimally invasive solution, thanks to which you will gain an effective face lift without the consequences of surgery. Scalpel-free facelift is performed with the use of lifting threads, which will perfectly deal with wrinkles on the forehead, drooping eyebrows, as well as flabby skin of the face and neck. The minimally invasive lifting thread procedure has many advantages, the most important of which are a natural look and long-lasting results. Our patients' favorite brand at Dr. Parda's Clinic are the APTOS threads.

The price list
Lifting threads
PDO THREADS - BARB 4D 1 thread (lift to appr. 1 year)
550 pln
PDO THREADS - ANCHOR 1 thread (stronger thread to heavy skin))
750 pln
APTOS THREADS (depending on the treated area)
3300 pln
ECO2 LUTRONIC fractional laser
2050 pln
1150 pln
1430 pln
990 pln
1350 pln
to be agreed individually
500 pln
single naevus araneus
300 pln
telangiectasies - full face
1200 pln
telangiectasies - cheeks
900 pln
telangiectasies - nose or chin
550 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - face (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
1300 pln
3600 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - cheeks (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
900 pln
2400 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - nose (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - forehead (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
700 pln
1800 pln
erytheme/rosacea treatment - chin (price of 1 session/ 3 sessions package)
550 pln
1300 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - single mark
650 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on calf or thigh
1050 pln
venulomalformation lower limbs - many marks on the whole limb
2050 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face
1500 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face & neck
2200 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - face/neck/cleavage
2900 pln
GENESIS - laser skin thickening - neck & cleavage
2200 pln
Liquid neurotobotulin
From (F)
From (M)
Forehead mimic wrinkes - transverse
1050 pln (W)
1300 pln (M)
Eyes mimic wrinkles - crow's feet
1050 pln (W)
1300 pln (M)
Between the eyebrows/„Mars" wrinkle
1050 pln (W)
1300 pln (M)
2 areas in the same time
1900 pln (W)
2400 pln (M)
3 areas in the same time
2700 pln (W)
3300 pln (M)
Masseter muscle relaxation/bruxism/trismus
2700 pln (K)
3300 pln (M)
Armpit hyperhidrosis
3100 pln (K)
3900 pln (M)
Hand hyperhidrosis
3100 pln (K)
3900 pln (M)
Treatment of migraines
3300 pln (K)
3900 pln (M)
Platism tape
2700 pln (K)
3400 pln (M)

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