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Targeted prevention and treatment of vascular complications is the overarching goal of the ultrasound course in aesthetic medicine, the program of which was developed by Dr. Barbara Parda and Dr. Rosa Sigrist. The course is dedicated to aesthetic medicine doctors who, as part of the basic program, have the opportunity to see the potential of mobile ultrasound with a frequency of 12-15-20 MHZ with Doppler, the potential of which is presented by Beautydoc Academy trainers during the course and international lectures. The advanced program is a proposal for specialists who want to further improve the previously acquired skills of using ultrasound in the practice of an aesthetic medicine doctor.

An international team of practitioners

Dr. Parda is a long-term practitioner of aesthetic medicine who gained her experience in the field of facial ultrasound from world pioneers: Leoni Schelke, Peter Velthius and Stella Desyatnikova. Doctor Parda is also CutaneoUS certified. Dr. Rosa Sigrist is a long-standing ultrasound expert at the UM Institute of Radiology in Sao Paulo. During the face ultrasound course in aesthetic medicne the trainers share their experiences with ultrasound-guided aesthetic medicine treatments with doctors, and then conduct skills training by practicing on phantoms and each other (basic course) and also by training patients' vessel mapping during advanced editing.

The standard of the future available today

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive method that allows the doctor to perform detailed tissue diagnostics. During the "facial ultrasound" examination, the anatomical structures of the skin and subcutaneous tissues are visualized. Thanks to the simultaneous use of Doppler, the examination allows for the mapping of blood vessels, which allows to minimize possible complications resulting from the administration of fillers. The test also allows you to evaluate the effects of selected treatments after they have been performed.

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