Aesthetic medicine is cool


Winter is a great time of year for taking advantage of aesthetic medicine procedures to prepare your body for spring. Dr Barbara Parda tells us how to get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite with cryolipolysis, why it is good to pick a combination of cryolipolysis with shockwave therapy, and which method of hair removal to choose to enjoy a smooth body in spring.

Take a cool approach to fat reduction!
Reduction of unwanted body weight, cellulite, and body sculpting - this is what ZLipo System has to offer as a revolutionary cryolipolysis procedure protocol.
‘The unique performance of ZLipo is the effect of a combination of two medical technologies, first of them activating physiological cryolipolysis processes in fatty tissue under the skin, and the other disintegrating crystallized lipid cells with a shockwave. With this kind of combination, we can eliminate twice as much fatty tissue in a patient in three times shorter time’, Dr Barbarda Parda says about the method.

What are the phases of the procedure?
In the first phase, fat cells crystallize in subcutaneous tissue and are irreversibly damaged. Then, the patented ZLipo Med procedure cycle destroys the fat cells mechanically, already during the cryolipolysis phase. For a full range of effects, there is the kinetic energy released by the ZWave Pro shockwave generator technology in the final stage of the procedure. Shockwaves improve cellular metabolism and stimulate collagen production, thus improving skin elasticity, which is of utmost importance for body sculpting in the process of fat loss.

What is ZLipo capable of?
It will effectively deal with fatty tissue on the abdomen, thighs, on the sides of the torso, or on the male chest.

What if the actual size is not a problem?
Then you can just pick the shockwave treatment to help you deal with cellulite.

A perfectly smooth body in just... 20 minutes!
Epilation is a lasting alternative for shavers, waxes or hair removal strips, which you have to use regularly. Instead, you can enjoy your smooth skin effect without having to use any temporary solutions.
‘Naturally, there are various body hair removal technologies. At Dr Parda Clinic, we use the Leonardo A.L.T. Hyper Pulse’, says Dr Parda. ‘We chose this technology on the basis of its performance and patient comfort. Among its many advantages, there is also the very short time needed to complete the treatment.’

Leonardo A.L.T. is a laser supported by a patented skin cooling system. When the pulses are generated, the laser head does not heat up and the patient feels soothing cool with an anesthetic effect on the treatment area. The difference between this and other lasers is the high energy and 5 pulse per second rate. As a result, performance becomes 5 times higher than that of earlier generation equipment. What about the procedure time? According to certain individual aspects, you can have full body hair removal complete in just... 18-25 minutes. Thus, the A.L.T. technology is a perfect choice for people in need of quick, safe and pain-free methods of unwanted hair removal.
Does it have anything to offer to men, just like cryolipolysis does? Of course it does! More and more men decide to remove hair from selected parts of the body, such as the torso.