Under-eye skin rejuvenation with aesthetic medicine


Droopy, thin eyelids, bags under eyes, crow’s feet - these conditions affect the gentle skin around the eyes, deteriorating with time, which can give your face a tired, saddened look. It also makes you look older and applying make-up becomes a challenge. Aesthetic medicine, however, has developed the right solutions for these issues, such as Botox, plasma technology and blepharoplasty. Dr Barbara Parda will advise you how to restore the youthful look of your eyes and which procedure to choose.

Loss of skin elasticity around the eyes is among the first natural signs of aging on the face. This is because the volume of collagen fibers deteriorates with age, making the skin lose its firmness and flexibility. Involuntary facial movements are an added factor, resulting in the development of such effects as crow’s feet. Hence, we recommend Botox injections as prevention and as the first step of comprehensive care of this gentle area. They prevent muscle contractions, says Dr Parda, and it becomes a relevant preventive treatment as early as in 20-year-olds. When the problem is already more advanced, we have other options as well.

Rejuvenation with plasma
The first of these is the PLASMAGE technology, the right choice for dropping eyelids that need lifting, bags under the eyes, or crow’s feet. PLASMAGE is among the most innovative achievements of aesthetic medicine. The device head emits targeted spot pulses to generate an electric arch where plasma is produced. The heat generated in this way stimulates natural skin restoration and strengthening processes. PLASMAGE works on cuticle level, not affecting deeper skin lesions or healthy tissue, which makes it a non-invasive alternative for surgical procedures. The system action is targeted exclusively on the treated area. You will be able to leave the clinic right after the procedure and you might experience swelling for a few days. Visible resurfacing effects will appear very soon thereafter.

Beauty sculpted with a scalpel
In cases where the skin loosening process is so advanced that surgery is required, we offer blepharoplasty, which is a surgical correction of the upper and lower lids, says Dr Parda. For upper eyelids, the procedure involves a cut in the natural eye skin folds and removing excess skin, occasionally with some part of the fat layer. After this type of procedure, the patient will not have any visible scars after the surgery. The lower lid surgery removes the bags under the eyes. The procedure is short and gentle, without any hospitalization thereafter. The patient can be discharged in just a few hours after the procedure. Sutures are removed around 7 days after blepharoplasty, and the patient can then fully return to their daily activity. The final effect of surgery can be observed in about 2 months after completion, including rejuvenation of the area around the eyes and a new appearance of the whole face.
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