iFace - innovative education for safe treatments

The safety of treatments is one of the key values on which the Dr Parda Clinic operates. We introduce this value as part of our own procedures such as "Safety First", consisting in the pioneering implementation in the office of the so-called #facial_ultrasound, i.e. the ultrasound method that allows the assessment of the anatomy of the facial vessels before the administration of hyaluronic acid, and what is more, its application or removal under the control of the usg image.


Additionally in mid-December we had the great pleasure to participate in the inaugural S.A.F.E. Training Vivacy in Warsaw. The premiere meeting was aimed at "auditing" an innovative way of learning, prepared by world experts and the Vivacy Company for new adepts of the art in the field of aesthetic medicine, based on completely safe training of injection techniques using a modern anatomical model and FACE. Another qualifications improvement in the field of #facial_ultrasound and safety of procedures will be available soon about which we will inform you straight from Paris.