Safe lip augmentation

New solutions are constantly appearing on the market to make aesthetic medicine treatments easier and more enjoyable. However for the procedures to be completely safe, it is necessary to carefully select a specialist who will conduct it and select the correct method of implementation.

An excellent example is lip augmentation using the so-called "hyaluron pen", a device designed to perform needle-free lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. The device works on the basis of a combination of high pressure and enormous speed of administration of the preparation. As a result, there may be an uncontrolled injection of cross-linked hyaluronic acid into the tissue not intended for the procedure. If hyaluronic acid enters a blood vessel in this way it will stop the blood flow, which can lead to health complications including tissue necrosis.

In our Clinic Doctor Parda uses the highest-class fillers only by the manual method of implementation with the use of a cannula, which gives the possibility of full control of the process being performed, the place of application and quantity of product. In order to determine the condition of the tissue and the location of blood vessels each facial treatment is preceded by an ultrasound examination. All this to provide our patients with the highest standard of safety at the world level.