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Body dysmorphic disorder, that is own body perception disorder

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are ones of the best methods to improve one’s look, and what comes with it, self-confidence and self-acceptance increase, better mood. Unfortunately, among patients who are treated with the above mentioned procedures, more frequently we observe body dysmorphic disorder that is own body perception disorder. According statistics, such disorder can affect even 15 percent persons who visit aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery clinics.


Complex refer to vast majority of society. Some people learn to accept and live with them. The others decide to improve with proper procedure, which allows to feel mental comfort. Too much concentration on relevant defect or even its lack, can turn into body dysmorphic disorder, which results with huge suffering and malfunctioning in many live areas.


How to recognize body dysmorphic disorder? Key thing is specialist interview with patient. Over a half of suffering persons, focus on skin and hair. Usually, the defect, which looms large, is inappreciable and sometimes even imagined. But afflicted person can think about it obsessively for hours. Such person we can recognize with the way, which he describes his physical defect. His language is full of  pejorative terms, such as awful, disgusting, foul. Another symptom there are so called rituals. Afflicted people can stay in front of mirror, even for a few hours per day, trying to camouflage their imagined problem with make-up, clothes or posture. They also pay big attention to analysing other’s behaviours, comparing their look with themselves.


One of the main reasons of body dysmorphic disorder is social pressure and creating of perfect, non-existing, beauty image. Disorder development is also impacted with other factors based on genetic, bio-neurological and psychological undertow.


With regard to often accompanying of bad mood, shame feeling and fear, disorder can turn into depression or depression neurosis. Therefore, it is important, the earliest as it can be, body dysmorphic disorder recognition and starting proper treatment, which will help patient to come back to normal live.

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