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Inspired with Korean clinics experiences, dr Barbara Parda-Głomska designed her own procedure of hamsters and lower jaw oval lifting -combination of three separate procedures during one session: HIFU + ELLANSE + NTCF 135HA.

First step is consultation and interview by the doctor, who decide on qualification to the procedure. The doctor regenerates skin of lower jaw oval and chin, using HIFU that is technology of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, delivered to the same tissue layers, which are the subject of plastic surgeons work during face-lifting, but without skin cutting. In result, adipose tissue is destroyed in controlled way, and collagen in dermis is heated. Then the doctor thickens face skin with advanced collagen booster – Ellanse, which, thanks to its features, not only corrects wrinkles and plicas, but stimulates own collagen production. In the end skin is moisturized with NTCF 135 HA preparation.

HIFU doesn’t need anaesthesia, eventually patients gets painkiller. ELLANSE doesn’t need local anaesthesia, anaesthetic preparation is added to Ellanse ampule. NTCF135 HA, done in the end, doesn’t need anaesthesia, because we did this in the second step.

After the procedure, face can be red, little oedematous, small bruises can appear, depending on predisposition. Patient can come back to work immediately.

First effect of skin tensity we can observe just after procedure, nevertheless, full effect of skin regeneration we can see appr. in third month. Face is looking healthier month by month. Described protocol is recommended once a year with using Ellanse S. If we use 2-years Ellanse M, we repeat the protocol after two years. The protocol lasts appr. 90 minutes.


  • skin inflammation,
  • herpes,
  • autoagressive active diseases, e.g. Hashimoto,
  • active acne,
  • new implants in oral cavity,
  • anticoagulation medicines.

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