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Patients, who don’t accept their eyes dark circles, we offer highly effective weapon, that is “Milan” lipofilling,  own procedure, designed by dr Barbara Parda-Głomska. Lipofilling effect, that is own adipose tissue transplantation, in order to fulfil lost volume and skin rejuvenation, thanks to stem cells in adipose tissue, we intensify with every month mesotherapy or CGF concentrated growth factors.


First step is consultation and interview by the doctor, who decide on qualification to the procedure. In case of positive decision, in the next step, the doctor draws adipose tissue from patient’s sides area, so called „love handles”, prepares it properly and injects in treated areas. The procedure methodology has been designed and patented by dr Goisis from Milan. The point of low invasiveness and good result is special cannula of 2 mm diameter with blunt end and six ports, ensuring better protection of adipose cells against their damage during liposuction, comparing to classic one, and shorter time of fat drawing, what, in result, ensures quick and more efficient procedure and his minimal invasiveness. System is completely closed, doesn’t need twirling, what guarantees minimalization of complications and procedure efficiency.

In turn, CGF is skin regeneration with concentrated growth factor. The doctor draws blood from patient, twirls in cells separator, so that blood dust are separated with all their plenitude of growth factors, which are critical to skin rebuilding. The doctor applies growth factors with thin need, like in classic mesotherapy.

Liposuction and lipofilling need to infiltration anaesthesia, with ex tempore specially prepared anaesthetic preparation. Before CGF mesotherapy anaesthetic cream is used.

Lipofilling doesn’t need time exclusion – in most of cases, patient can come back to work next day, except for patients with predisposition to oedema. In spite of procedure complexity, bruises are rare. Giving place, that is “side”, heals up immediately. CGF can cause small potential bruises, but we don’t observe side effects.

The result of face or eyes areas filling is immediate and swells in the next weeks, thanks to stem cells of transferred adipose tissue. Liposuction with lipofilling lasts appr. 90-120 minutes. The procedure is recommended once a year and we support its effect with platelet rich plasma every month.


  • pregnancy,
  • breast feeding,
  • skin inflammation,
  • general inflammation,
  • overexpectations.

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