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Clitoris renewal with PRP

Lower libido and disability to get orgasm are problems touching many women, especially after birth and during climacterium. The solution is Orgasm-shot, that is the procedure of clitoris regeneration with using platelet rich plasma, which significantly improves intimate life quality.


Long since platelet rich plasma has been used in aesthetic medicine to stimulate cells regeneration. Newly it has been used also in aesthetic gynaecology. This is blood dust concentration in small amount of plasma, which contains many growth factors, causing new collagen and blood vessels stimulation and accelerating new epidermis cells production. The procedures, using PRP, are very safe, thanks to full biocompatibility and immune neutrality, which means they don’t cause allergy reactions.  PRP is got from patient blood taking into test tubes, which are put in special laboratory centrifuge, where they are spinning with proper speed. In this way, blood dust are separated from other elements and it comes to their hanging up and thickening in blood plasma. Orgasm-Shot procedure is preparation injection in clitoris area and front walls of vagina. The area, which is the subject of procedure, is prepared before with surface anaesthesia means.  Patient can come back to normal activity just after procedure. For optimal effects, three sessions are recommended.


Plasma improves blood circulation and supports regeneration, which causes higher urge, less pain during penetration and easier orgasm. The difference in sexual contacts is visible after appr. 3 weeks after procedure, but effects are very individual. The results persists appr. one year. The procedure is dedicated all women, independently of age.


  • no complications,
  • low-invasive,
  • lack of allergic reactions of rejection risk,
  • lack of immune risk.


  • low libido,
  • pain during penetration,
  • lack of orgasm,
  • urge incontinence,
  • vagina dryness.


  • pregnancy,
  • period,
  • birth channels infection,
  • oncology diseases,
  • blood coagulation disorders,
  • chronic liver diseases.

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