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G-spot enlarging

G-SPOT is considered ad the most erogenous zone in woman’s body. It is placed in front wall of vagina, in the form of small protrusion. Some women have this place very venous, what causes intensive feelings during sex. When ageing, there are less and less receptors number, which means less satisfaction and problems with orgasm.

G-SPOT enlarging procedure is based on innovative, non-surgery and non-invasive procedure, which is preparation application into target place. The substance filters in tissues, causing enlargement of G-SPOT, its firmness and moisturizing level. In effect, sexual feelings are increased, vagina orgasm enabled or its emphatic feeding.


The procedure is recommended to all women, who complain about orgasm lack or want to improve and strengthen intimate feelings. It is proceeded with local anaesthesia. It doesn’t exclude from normal functioning, and we can come back to sexual activities after 10-14 days. The effect lasts appr. one year.


  • low-invasive,
  • doesn’t not exclude normal activity,
  • long-lasting effect.


  • pregnancy,
  • oncology diseases,
  • sex organs infections,
  • blood coagulation problem.

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