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Labiaplasty is correction of major or minor labia, which is aesthetic gynaecology procedure, aiming at labia size or shape changing, also improvement of its volume and firmness. The procedure is recommended when there are anomalies in labia texture. Sometimes it is only aesthetic problem. But in many cases women can feel discomfort during sport training, e.g. biking, horse riding or even running. They can cause pain and irritations. Oversized labia also cause discomfort in sexual contacts. Often, they are a reason of birth canals infections remittance.  


Procedure is done by women, whose intimate areas changed after births or injuries, also in effect of infections or hormones disorders. In Dr Parda Clinic we do labiaplasty from different applications, because each woman deserves to feel comfortably, break her complex and feel satisfaction of intimate life.

Labiaplasty is surgery procedure, done using scalpel, laser or diathermy – this last one is used in our Clinic. Procedure takes appr. an hour. Medical interview is necessary before.


  • oversized minor labia,
  • major labia atrophy,
  • labia asymmetry,
  • labia deformation,
  • vagina rejuvenation.



  • pregnancy,
  • oncology diseases,
  • sex organs infections,
  • blood coagulation problem.

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