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Modelling of labia with hyaluronic acid

Skin in intimate areas, like other body parts, is changing with age and becomes older. Its symptom is loosing of moisturizing, thickness and firmness. Similar changes are observed by women after delivery. Change of intimate areas look, causes not only aesthetic problem, but also makes sexual life quality worse.


In Dr Parda Clinic, we offer labia modelling procedure with hyaluronic acid. Underlying cause is often medical. Frequent application is situation, when major labia are too small to ensure proper protection to birth canal. In this case, there can often appear irritation, infection and over-dryness of vagina. Such situation can also happen with age, when labia loose its volume or as result of genetic defect. Additional major labia atrophy can result with remittent infection of urinary canals.


Labia modelling with hyaluronic acid is low-invasive method, which aims at, not only intimate areas look improvement, but also restoring its proper moisturizing. It allows to keep right skin tension and make intimate areas ageing process slower. The procedure is made with dedicated preparations such as Desirial and Desirial Plus, injected by needle or cannula. Because of intimate areas sensitivity, the whole procedure is made with local anaesthesia. Hyaluronic acid improves skin tissues moisturizing and stimulates fibroblasts to collagen production. Thanks to this, skin in treated area, recovers its volume, becomes more firm and elastic. The procedure helps restoring protection functions to labia. Moisturized and tensed skin is more amenable to impulses, this is why, one of effects, there is visible improvement of sexual life. The result is visible already after one week. Depending on individual conditions, effects persist 1-2 years.


  • non-invasion,
  • fast and long-lasting effects,
  • no recuperation time.



  • major laba tenuity,
  • frequent infections, injuries or discomfort in vulva area, caused by too small major labia,
  • improvement of intimate areas look.



  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • allergy to hyaluronic acid,
  • vagina infections,
  • oncology diseases.

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