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Urge incontinence treatment with PRP

Urge incontinence problem refers both to women and men, but usually these are women, who more frequently suffer from this affliction. Urge incontinence appears during physical effort, causing uncontrolled urine outflow. It can occur also during cough, sneezing and even waking up of bed. The reason is in weakened and relaxed muscles of pelvis base, ligaments and fascia, which are responsible for maintaining bladder in right position. This affliction the most frequently touches women after natural birth and also after climacterium.

Treatment and prophylaxis of urge incontinence with platelet rich plasma is blood specimen collection directly from patient. In result its spinning, we get special dust preparation. The procedure supports skin cells activation to recovery and comprehensively nourishes and retrieves tissues. It is painless and for additional patient’s comfort, there is anaesthesia used. Directly after procedure, patient can come back to normal activity, restoring life comfort. First effects are visible after appr. three weeks from procedurę. Full result we observe after one month and it persists appr. one year.



  • no complications,
  • low-invasive,
  • no allergic reactions and rejection risk,
  • lack of immune risk.


  • urge incontinence,
  • vagina dryness.


  • pregnancy,
  • period,
  • birth channels infection,
  • oncology diseases,
  • blood coagulation disorders,
  • chronic liver diseases.

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