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Migraine treatment

Migraine pain is often treated dismissively, as an ordinary headache. However, those affected know that the pain can be so strong that living a normal life can become impossible. The ailment is often associated with nausea, emesis or hypersensitivity to noise, light or smells. A seizure of migraine can make a person unable to work and even communicate with others.

Untreated periodic seizures can turn into a chronic disease requiring permanent medication. However, the pharmaceutical approach is not always effective. Another method consists of long-term pain alleviation with botox. The preparation can reduce the frequency or intensity of seizures or even eliminate the ailment.

The treatment of migraine with botox is recommended to patients who suffer from seizure 15 times a month or more often and the ad hoc medication is ineffective.

Before recommending the therapy, the doctor identifies sections of head muscles that irritate or pinch nerves, causing migraine seizures. Then, botox is injected at the right places to relax muscles and prevent their contraction. The procedure takes a dozen of minutes or so and is typically painless, though skin around the punctures can swell and become reddish for a short time. Daily activities can be resumed right away.

Initial results show after just a few days. The effect lasts up to six months. More than one half of patients report complete remission of migraine pain while others experience a notable improvement. A major benefit of the therapy is that the body does not develop immunity to botox in time; on the contrary, the effectiveness of subsequent procedures tends to improve and the result holds up longer.

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