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Paunch muscles relaxation/ bruxism/ lock-jaw

Bruxism, the unconscious excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching, is an ailment caused by hyperactivity of the masseter muscles. It is unpleasant both to the person affected and to others. Bruxism occurs mainly during sleep and, like snoring, can be very irritating to others. The consequences of untreated bruxism can be serious: changed facial features, jaw overgrowth, abrasion of teeth, or enamel fractures. Apart from the looks, the ailment can cause headaches, gum problems or even restriction of head mobility.

The tensioning of the jawbone muscles has nervous undertow and is frequently triggered by stress. The person affected by trismus cannot relax his or her muscles. Typical recommendations from doctors include dental onlays and relaxation or lifestyle change but the onlays do not eliminate the cause while the change of lifestyle cannot be always achieved. Fortunately the aesthetic medicine offers the botox treatment that provides satisfactory results after the first treatment.

The session is short and almost painless but patients sensitive to pain can use local anesthesia. An appropriate dose of botox is injected in facial muscles, particularly those most affected by tension. Botox relaxes the masseter muscles, which cancels the symptoms of bruxism for the duration of activity of the preparation. In addition, the face becomes subtly slimmed down and its proportions return to normal.

The patient can return to his or her normal life right away. The first results show up after a few days and last a few months.

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