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Elimination of adipose deposits (belly, back, thighs, chin)

The getting rid of excess fat from some body areas can be very difficult. Lean diet and physical activity will not help in many cases. Where a long struggle against overweight is ineffective, the multi-step ZLipo System procedure can be the answer. This combination of methods makes it possibly to lose excess fat from the belly, back, thighs or chin efficiently and relatively quickly (depending on the number of sessions).

The ZLipo System procedure is a break-through solution for eradication of adipose deposits. It can reduce body fat up to 35% more effectively than the conventional cryolipolysis. The Zlipo cryolipolysis is a non-invasive and safe treatment that freezes adipose tissues in areas of application of the cooling wand. The surface of skin is secured with anti-freeze mats that prevent superficial buildup of low temperature. According to clinical research, the procedure can be up to 44% more effective than other methods.

The ZLipo System procedure freezes adipose cells to death. This process can be compared to the natural cellular apoptosis. What is more, adipose cells are “accustomed” to growing and shrinking, depending on availability of nutrients in the body, so elimination of these cells can be quite safe. The processes of freezing, breaking up and metabolizing cells are distributed evenly over the target area, so there is no after-effect in the form of superficial bulges or concavities, which is the case with other commercial methods. Frozen cells are eliminated from the body irreversibly. Even one session can reduce the thickness of the target adipose tissue by 1-3 cm. The final result depends on the individual condition of the patient.

This innovative procedure stands out among other methods: it is fast, painless and very effective. Its major benefits include low invasiveness, which makes it an ideal alternative for those who prefer to avoid the conventional liposuction.

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