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Mark screening/dermatoscopy

Dermatoscopy is a kind of test, which is assessment of pigmentary changes using special device – dermatoscope. This is a type of microscope, allowing to view skin marks ten times bigger. The test is non-invasive, painless and completely safe, and allows to distinct soft pigmentary changes from carcinoma, even on the early stage of its development.

Dermatoscopy is used to diagnosing the most dangerous skin cancer – melanoma. Thanks to high efficiency of this test, early diagnosis is possible and it gives chanced of full remedy.

This test is recommended especially these persons, who have many pigmentary marks, and everybody who is worried about existing skin changes. Control test should be done once a year, the best time is autumn-winter season. Dermatoscopy is used also to view scapus or vascular placenta of nail wall in collagenosis and in case of scabies infection.

Dermatoscopy is non-complicated test, which doesn’t need earlier preparation from patient before. We only need to inform the doctor about worries and what we observed recently on our skin. Time of test depends on marks number. There are no counterindications to dermatoscopy.

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