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Skin biopsy

Skin biopsy is test of collected patient skin section. This procedure, together with accurate test of taken material, allows to diagnose serious skin changes, including melanoma.

Indication to biopsy is suspicion of skin cancer, precancerous state, connective tissue diseases, lymphoma, bladder diseases and other skin diseases such as psoriasis or Wilson’s lichen.

Before the procedure, the place of biopsy is anaesthetised, thanks to this patient doesn’t feel pain. If biopsy is proceeded in order to histopathological test, beside skin change, also surrounding skin is taken. Sections are taken from early disease changes, not places covered with necrosis. Material to diagnosis is selected from the area exposed to sun and skin covered in prognostic purposes. After procedure, the doctor lays sutures and dressing, and selected material is given to analysis.

After biopsy, histopathological, immunohistochemical or ultrastructural assessment is possible. Biopsy is safe procedure and can be done in every age. It doesn’t cause complications for patient.  Before the procedure, patient must inform the doctor on medicine currently taken or bleeding tendency, if it occurs.

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