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Soft skin changes removal

Patient decision on soft skin changes removal the most frequently is caused by discomfort and aesthetic favours. In case of pigmentary changes, this is also a kind od prophylaxis. If they are atypical or placed in skin area exposed to sun, their removal play important role in protection against melanoma development.

Procedure of removal is recommended in case of  fibroids, whiteheads, steatomas, warts and poromas, that are soft changes, which don’t have carcinoma character, but they are cosmetic or functional defect.

Removal of soft skin change is followed by medical interview, during which the doctor discuss with patient benefits and counterindications. Removal is painless thanks to anaesthesia in place. Depending on size of change, the doctor can also make skin plasty or lay sutures and dressing.

Removed skin changes are passed on to histopathological tests, where the doctor assess tissue in terms of carcinoma. Thanks to this verification is possible whether it is only normal spot and not melanoma. Histopathological test allows to assess, if disease outbreak has been completely removed.

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