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The appearance of wrinkles is a natural consequence of the aging of skin. Avoidance of exposure to sun, appropriate home care and clinic treatment make it possible to smoothen and rejuvenate skin. Applying a filler is one of the methods for correcting wrinkles and modeling the face contour.

The effect of a filler on a given area of face depends on the preparation, application technique and the doctor’s experience and aesthetic sense but also the ability to talk the patient out of certain ideas. It is the doctor who is responsible for health and safety of the patient who may not be aware of risk or possible complications related to treatment. So-called ‘volume-building’ preparations can be a perfect remedy for smiling wrinkles or hollow cheeks: nothing makes a person look older than the loss of volume of subcutaneous tissues below the eyeholes. However, restoration of this volume requires experience ability to predict, or the ‘3D vision’. The face modeling procedure combines technical and artistic skills. Before choosing a doctor it is highly recommended to check his or her professional track record: results of the doctor’s interventions should look as natural as possible. The filler should not be visible or palpable after the procedure. There are many products and each of them has a unique profile of quality and safety. At our Clinic, we choose a preparation for each patient individually, depending on his or her requirements and resources to ensure that the result is as natural as possible and safe both in the short and long term.

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