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Texas facelift

NOVELTY - Hollywood star style mandible

Strongly outlined and clear jaw line is one of the leading trends in 2020 in aesthetic medicine, which stole the hearts of the stars of the dream factory, and from there moved to clinics around the world . This treatment is known as "Texas facelift" because the effect obtained resembles the canon of beauty valued in this part of the USA.

To achieve this look of the jaw, the doctor injects fillers in patiets jaw line, usually in conjunction with modeling the chin. Hyaluronic acid is the most frequently used treatment. There is also the possibility of using calcium hydroxyapatite. Importantly, the treatment not only changes the appearance of the mandible oval, but also optically harmonizes the chin area, giving the lower part of the face a new look. Additionally, our neck optically also benefits from the treatment.

After the procedure, we usually return to normal functioning immediately. Due to the type of fillers used, the effect of the treatment is reversible and lasts for about 12 months to two years, depending on the ussed filler.

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