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Fraction laser CO2

The new-generation CO2 fractional laser is a champion among CO2 lasers in terms of effectiveness and spectrum of activity. Most importantly, the treatment is safe to the patient, causes no discomfort and does not require a long period of healing, which is proven by restrictive CE and FDA certificates.

During a session of fractional skin smoothing with the CO2 laser, the scanner-guided laser beam makes thousands of micro-puncture on the skin but always leaves intact space in between. These intact skin areas trigger a rapid process of healing for skin regeneration. The injuries heal over very quickly, which basically minimizes the risk of complications. Each micro-puncture is surrounded by a layer of reversibly overheated collagen that starts to rebuild the skin and, as a consequence, make it firmer. The production of new collagen takes 3-6 months and during this time the skin continues to improve.

The smoothening of skin with the CO2 laser reduces small wrinkles, improves skin color and texture, closes large pores and restores skin firmness. A more aggressive treatment, using high-energy impulses for deep penetration, eradicates deep wrinkles, scars (even those overgrown, known as keloids) and stretch marks. Important features of the CO2 fractional laser include its precision and the ideally perpendicular angle of incidence of the beam on the skin. This is very important for quality and effectiveness of the treatment and for the post-treatment regeneration. The laser therapy can be applied to any patient affected by almost any skin problem. However, the healing time is shortest in individuals with thick and well moisturized skin.

The initial result becomes visible after 3 days from the treatment. Complete recovery follows after 7-10 days, depending on treatment intensity, and the ultimate result is achieved within 6 months from the therapy. The treatment should be repeated 2-4 times to have 100% of the skin replaced with new one. The typical interval between subsequent sessions ranges from 4 to 5 weeks, depending on the intensity of the previous session.



  • Scars (caused by acne, injury, burn or surgery)
  • Pigmentation from sun, medicines, hormonal activity or infections
  • Wrinkles and skin laxity around eyes and mouth (also on eyelids)
  • Skin laxity on the face, arms or belly
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin photo-damage and photo-aging

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