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Enlarged pores

Pores are a very important structural feature of skin. They transport sweat and sebum out and make it possible for skin to breathe. So, they are necessary for normal functioning. However, pores frequently spread apart under influence of adverse conditions or as a consequence of genetic susceptibility, making skin structure patchy and difficult to care about.

Enlarged pores on the face, in the form of pits and holes visible to the naked eye, are not just an aesthetic problem. The condition is often accompanied by overproduction of sebum, skin oiliness and thickening of epidermis. As a consequence, there is a buildup of impurities, exfoliated epidermis and excess sebum: the condition that can only be followed by the occurrence of blackheads, pimples or inflammations. The problem affects both men and women, usually individuals with oily or mixed skin. Also genetic background, neglect of appropriate care or unhealthy lifestyle can add up to the trouble.

Enlarged pores can be handled on ad hoc basis, with contractive cosmetics. However, if this fails, an aesthetic medicine treatment can offer an effective solution. The irradiation with the eCO2 fractional laser provides very good results. The procedure induces replacement of old skin cells with new ones, so pores can shrink.

The laser beam burns micro-punctures in the skin, leaving most of the tissue intact as a cell growth incubator. Irradiated skin turns smooth, even and tense. The fractional laser not only closes up enlarged pores but also improves the general facial skin condition.

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