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Scars & pigmentation

Scars and pigmentation are skin flaws that can develop at any age. If they are visible, they can be an aesthetic issue, so many persons want to get rid of them. Scars are typically a remnant of acne (when poorly treated), surgery, injury or burn. They also can cause problems other than visual ones. Sometimes they produce an unpleasant effect of “pulling” skin and can even lead to a dysfunction of a body area. On the other hand, pigmentation can be caused by exposure to sunlight, depending on individual susceptibility.

The eCO2 fractional laser is an advanced device helpful in treating various skin problems, such as scars and pigmentation, without surgical intervention. This method is used often because the results are immediate and spectacular. The procedure is almost painless when performed after application of an anesthetic cream. It is also safe while performed by a professional. The laser beam heats up and, thus, injures pigment cells. The exposed areas gets darker after the treatment but the discoloration vanishes after a few days and the hitherto hyperpigmented skin gets lighter. For maximum effect of the therapy, 2-3 sessions are recommended (depending on the number and size of lesions) to be taken at 4-5 week intervals.

The correction of scars is done by burning micro-punctures in skin. These injuries stimulate local production of collagen. In other words, old and fatigued skin gets replaced with new and healthy one. This replacement is associated with achievement of more uniform skin complexion. The procedure is basically painless after application of an anesthetic cream.

The secret of effectiveness of the treatment is hidden in the high class of the eCO2 fractional laser, the only device featuring so broad scope of applications. It is also very precise and, therefore, safe. After the procedure, the patient can notice skin redness, swelling or tenderness. After a few days the exposed areas of the skin will start to exfoliate. This is normal. Other adverse effects are very rare.

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