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Skin photo-ageing

The photo-aging is caused by long-term exposure of skin to solar radiation. Frequent sunbathing without adequate UV protection harms skin tissues by causing buildup of damaged elastin fibers and degradation of collagen. This process is much different from the natural aging: produces deep wrinkles and creases, skin coarseness and epidermis keratinization. In addition, there is risk of developing hyperpigmentation, telangiectasia or lentigomelanosis.

The photo-aging can be avoided by application of high sun protection factor (SPF) cosmetics suitable for the skin type, or by using head covers and adequate clothes.

Although the photo-aging is irreversible, we can reduce its symptoms. The aesthetic medicine is recognized as our most effective weapon. The Clinic of Dr Parda can offer a number of skin revitalization and restoration therapies for structural and visual improvement, including the most spectacular laser-based approach.

The eCO2 fractional laser is a new-generation device featuring a broad range of applications and high effectiveness. The therapy consists of burning micro-punctures in the skin, leafing areas between the punctures intact. The injury-free tissue responds very rapidly and triggers regeneration of skin. The result becomes visible after 3 days from the treatment. The ultimate result shows up after 6 months. For better effect, 2-4 sessions are recommended, to be taken at 4-5 week intervals.

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