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Wrinkles & skin laxity

The treatment using the eCO2 fractional laser can provide visible wrinkle reduction results after just one session. This method provides a broad range of options including skin smoothening and eradication of small wrinkles or reduction of deep ones. The treatment can be applied to any part of the body including face, neck, neckline, belly and arms.

The laser is used to regenerate skin and thoroughly stimulate production of new collagen. The laser acts by burning hundreds of small punctures on skin. However, skin cells situated between the punctures remain intact, so they can respond immediately by producing new collagen. The controlled injury triggers a rapid process of regeneration and healing, so skin becomes firm, elastic and bright.

The result shows up after just 3 days from the treatment. The recovery of skin is complete after approx. 7 days. The whole skin rebuilding process takes approx. 6 months. For maximum effectiveness of the therapy it is recommended to hold 2-4 sessions at 4-5 week intervals, depending on the intensity of the previous session.

The patient can feel certain discomfort directly after the treatment and swelling or redness can persist for 2-3 days. Also, exfoliation of epidermis can occur, which is a symptom of skin regeneration. The procedure is painless because it is preceded by the application of an anesthetic.

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