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HIFU Technology

The HIFU TECHNOLOGY high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) method is a non-invasive lifting treatment use to improve skin tension. The ultrasonic energy is delivered to the same fundamental layers of tissues that are manipulated by plastic surgeons during face lifting procedures but the skin remains intact! The energy initiates the natural response of the body in the form of production of new collagen and of reinforcement of the existing one. This ultrasonic method provides an unprecedented control over the thermal remodeling of tissues at precisely selected depths.

The HIFU TECHNOLOGY method is a thermal process that causes controlled destruction of adipose tissue including adipocytes and heats up collagen contained in subcutaneous tissues. This collagen-stimulating effect triggers a number of consequences, acting similarly to the RF method but at a different depth. The HIFU TECHNOLOGY, as the first commercially available method, uses a range of converters. It is the single method that can reach the depths of 7, 13 and 18 mm under the skin surface (the last of the converters is our proprietary solution). Apart from producing the lifting effect in skin, it has a lipolytic effects: the energy damages adipose cells (e.g., in folds on the belly), so it is ideal for patients after pregnancy or anyone with stretched or wrinkled skin.

Some patients notice the initial result immediately after the procedure but the ultimate result shows up after approx. 2-3 months, progressing as newly produced collagen continues to lift and firm up skin on the face and neck and smoothen the neckline. In contrast to laser, RF and other methods, the HIFU TECHNOLOGY passes by the skin surface, delivering energy to an optimum depth and providing an exact temperature of 65°C. Post-treatment ailments, if any, can include mild discomfort, transient and slight swelling, erythema or bruises.



  • Mandible contour improvement (“hamster cheeks”)
  • Eyebrow tail lifting
  • Crow’s feet correction
  • Face, neck and neckline skin tensioning
  • Body firmness improvement around the belly, thighs, knees or arms (“pelican sacs”)



  • Low invasiveness
  • No convalescence
  • Rapid and long-term result



  • Unhealed skin injuries
  • Active acne
  • Metallic implants
  • Electronic implants
  • Anti-coagulation medication

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