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Drooping eyebrow tails

Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. Depending on shape, they can sharpen or soften the features. Unfortunately, brow ridges tend to drop in time, so the face takes on a tired and gloomy look. However, we can effectively counteract these symptoms of the passage of time by applying an advanced and non-invasive method of the lifting of eyebrows as an alternative to the surgery.

The drooping of eyebrows is caused by the decline of subcutaneous tissues on the whole temple. This is a natural effect of aging developing in people aged 40+. There are a few methods for the non-invasive lifting of eyebrows. The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) method is one of them. The method relies on safe ultrasounds of appropriate frequencies. The focused energy of sound is delivered to deep layers of skin, creating centers of coagulation and causing micro-burns. These slight injuries stimulate skin repair processes by making fibroblasts produce new collagen fibers. Apart from the lifting of brow ridges, the treatment makes the surrounding skin firmer and more resilient. This new collagen inhibits occurrence of further symptoms of aging including dryness, laxity, creases and wrinkles.

The result becomes visible immediately after the treatment but the complete lifting of eyebrows takes 2 months, when new collagen fills and firms up skin. The treatment does not require convalescence but, in some cases, can cause slight swelling, which effects subsides within a few days. The benefit of the procedure is that it leaves epidermis intact, so there is no dryness or exfoliation associated with other methods.

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