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Laser technology is a quick and painless hair removal. It is an effective alternative to all other hair removal methods. There are many ways to achieve smooth skin, but most of them work temporarily. Depending on the depilation method, hair may regrow at a rate of one day to several weeks - therefore, they need regularity and diligence. Additionally, the skin often becomes irritated and red after hair removal. Another common problem is ingrown hair and the appearance of inflammations. In addition, the methods that allow you to get rid of hairs for a long time, such as waxing and epilator depilation, are quite painful. Thats the reason why many people decide to undergo laser epilation, which removes unnecessary hair permanently. The procedure is very popular, especially among women suffering from hirsutism. But epilation is not only reserved for ladies - more and more men decide to remove hair on selected parts of the body, for both hygienic and aesthetic reasons.

Laser is distinguished from other devices by high energy. It is the only device in the world that emits 5 pulses per second with a total energy of 200 J. Compared to devices of other generations, this technology is distinguished by 5 times higher efficiency. During the procedure there is no need to repeat movements in the same area, because the energy that is delivered to the tissues effectively destroys and removes hair the first time. Thanks to the cooling system, even such high parameters do not cause the risk of skin burns. What is more time necesarry to remove hair is significantly reduced. Depending on the patient's individual conditions full body epilation can be performed within 18-25 minutes. A.L.T. technology it is therefore much more effective than others available so far and is a great choice for people looking for a quick, safe and painless method of removing unwanted hair.


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