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Laser photo rejuvenation

The laser PHOTO REJUVENATION treatment that can be taken at any time of the year represents a true revolution in laser-induced rejuvenation of skin. The method provides excellent skin condition improvement and revitalization effects. It is a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to reverse the symptoms of aging, shrink enlarged pores or reduce erythema. The method relies on high-power impulses of light lasting microseconds, repeated at a high frequency. The delivery of this energy rejuvenates skin and helps to deal with other dermatological problems, such as common acne, acne erythematosa, hyperpigmentation or scars. The laser beam heats up hemoglobin and melanin, improving skin coloration, shrinking blood vessels and reducing redness.

Our Clinic uses the V-LASER system for delivery of the laser PHOTO REJUVENATION treatment. This equipment features excellent parameters and has a number of applications. First, the device emits long-impulse beams of light of 1064 nm wave length, which close thicker and deeper veins. Then we switch to the microsecond impulse mode to heat up upper layers of skin and, so, stimulate fibroblasts to production of new collagen. These combined actions trigger regeneration and revitalization of skin. Indications for the treatment include thin and lax skin, erythema and enlarged pores.

A session of treatment relying on the laser PHOTO REJUVENATION method will do perfectly before an occasion where healthy and young look of skin is important but there is little time left to take a conventional action. The effect is immediate and the treatment requires no anesthesia and no convalescence, does not damage epidermis, and is comfortable and totally painless (the only sensation is the feeling of superficial warmth). The procedure should be repeated for more efficient skin regeneration, even as often as every month.


  • No side effect
  • No pain
  • No convalescence
  • Year-round procedure, even for tanned skin


  • Regeneration and revitalization of skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Lighting up of hyperpigmented spots
  • Reduction of visibility of vessels and erythema
  • Treatment of acne erythematosa
  • Treatment of common acne
  • Treatment of scars


  • Skin infection near the target area
  • Systemic infection
  • Skin disease (psoriasis, leucoderma)
  • Medication with certain photosensitizing drugs
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