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Cleavage wrinkles

Small wrinkles and deeper vertical furrows on the cleavage wrinkles form a bad looking net. They can be called “sleepyhead’s wrinkles” because the problem is typically caused by regular sleeping in prone or side position. Both men and women can be affected. In younger people, the skin surface returns to normal after just a few minutes from getting up. However, the problem aggravates with age: wrinkles cannot straighten out when the body fails to produce enough collagen. It can be avoided by sleeping on one’s back but, for some, the solution is neither simple nor convenient.

The aesthetic medicine offers a number of methods helpful in getting rid of cleavage wrinkles. It would be a good idea to visit our Clinic and consult on the best approach with one of our doctors. For instance, cleavage wrinkles can be smoothened by laser beam. This energy will effectively reduce visible lines and furrows and, additionally, firm up skin. The Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Therapy Clinic of Dr. Pard uses the vascular laser system featuring the innovative laser rejuvenation method. A series of treatments with impulses of light lasting microseconds but carrying high energy make it possible to eradicated wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of skin.

The application of the laser rejuvenation protocol heats up upper layers of skin, stimulating fibroblasts to produce new collagen. As a result, skin regenerates and wrinkles “skin over”. The main benefits of the method include the lack of any damage to epidermis, so the patient can return to his or her normal activities directly after the session. In addition, the treatment can be taken at any time of the year, preferably once a month for best skin rebuilding results.

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