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Non-invasive collagen laser remodelling

After the 30th year of age, collagen fibers get increasingly weaker, which can be observed as a loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Also the face oval changes and wrinkles show up. To minimize these symptoms of aging, we should regularly stimulate the process of renewal of collagen fibers in the dermis. It can be done with an adequate therapy.

The V-LASER system used by the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Dr Parda features an operating method known as “GENESIS”, in which the device emits extremely short impulses of long-wave light, 1064 nm. This energy effectively reduces wrinkles by firming up and tensioning skin.

The laser-induced remodeling of collagen by the GENESIS method is non-invasive and safe. There is no risk of complications and the treatment is almost painless. There are no recommendations for convalescence after the treatment, so the patient can return to his or her daily activities right away.

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