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Filling and rejuvenation with own fat

Filling and rejuvenation with own fat refers to both women and men, who are touched with adipose tissue deficit, wrinkles or skin resilience decline. The most frequently, the procedure is done in the area of cheeks, face zygomatic part, tears valley, but also on body, e.g. hands top. Adipose tissue is often used to reduction of crow’s feet and circles under eyes.

First stage is collecting material from patient, the most frequently of belly, thighs or buttocks, in the same time modelling these parts of body. Afterwards, properly prepared tissue is implemented in right place. Undoubtful advantage of this method is the fact, that own patient’s tissue is used in the procedure, thanks to this there is no risk of allergic reaction. Moreover, the tissue is full of stem cells, which increase collagen production, improve general skin condition and its blood supply. Skin is brightened and looks younger, and wrinkles are being shallowed. Additionally, stem cells act anti-inflammatory, thanks to which, after procedure patient doesn’t need to suffer from long-lasting swelling.

Procedure is done in local aesthesia. It isn’t painful and initial effects are visible immediately.

Counterindications are inflammatory states in treated area, problems with blood coagulation and serious systemic diseases. The procedure is not allowed to persons with arterial hypertension problems, diabetes and some medicines taking. Final decision on procedure is made by the doctor, after interview with patient.

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