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Skin revitalization and regeneration

Firmness loosing is a problem which appears with ageing, but MICRO & NANOFAT technology can bring volume and rebuild skin locally. Stem cells in adipose tissue have high regeneration skills. Collected and used in the right way, can recognize skin damages and stimulate remedial processes in these places.

Adipose tissue, which is collected from patient, is completely natural and safe filler. In this case there is no risk of material rejection and allergic reaction. Therefore, this method is excellent alternative for other procedures using synthetic materials.

Lipotransfer brings fantastic effects of skin regeneration and revitalization. Thanks to millions of stem cells, the preparation significantly affects skin condition improvement. It also accelerates skin recovery process, which has been damaged in result of ageing, too much sun exposure or burn.

The most frequent areas of adipose tissue implementation are face, neck, cleavage and hands, but the procedure can be used for any part of the body. Patient can observe initial results right after procedure, but final effect comes with time.

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