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Scars treatment

According to statistics, as many as 90% of people can have scars. These are typically “souvenirs” after injuries, surgeries or acne. Some of us have accepted scars and perceive them as individual features. Others consider them as defects, particularly if a scar is situated in a visible area, such as face. In some cases scars can be not only an aesthetic but also a functional problem.

Though, apparently, they have no effect on health, they can cause unpleasant itching or, the fresher ones, tenderness or even pain. Sometimes they can handicap the functioning of certain areas or organs. Another matter are adverse psychic effects, such as problems with self-acceptance or confidence, or even depressions.

The treatment of scars requires much experience and adequate techniques. Microneedle radiofrequency is one of the best and most effective methods. It makes it possible to reduce or even eradicate post-traumatic and atrophic scars (such as those left after acne or smallpox). Microneedle radiofrequency energy delivered by the system, applied to skin using needles, stimulates volumetric recovery and smoothens skin. Smaller scars require no anesthesia while pain associated with the treatment of larger ones can be alleviated with an anesthetic cream. Benefit of the procedure include rapid healing and no convalescence, so the patient can return to his or her daily activities right away.

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