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Skin pores treatment

RF INFINI is a system that not only helps to reduce wrinkles and firm up skin but also treat pores. All these applications are possible because the method is based on stimulation of production of new collagen, so skin becomes smoother and more tense and the openings of sebaceous glands shrink.

Pores are an essential feature of skin, enabling breathing and elimination of sweat and sebum. However, after excessive buildup of dead epidermis and other contaminants, pore become visible to the naked eye and look bad. In addition, they contribute to development of blackheads or pimples.

The problem of pore enlargement on the face affects men and women equally, typically in persons with oily or mixed skin but also as a result of inadequate skin care, smoking or, simply, aging. Enlarged pores can be a nuisance particularly in summer, when skin sweats and excretes more sebum while most laser-based and peeling treatments are not recommended. Fortunately, we have the RF INFINI method available for use throughout the year. The treatment does not cause photosensitization and can be taken also during sunny months.

The procedure consists of introduction of needles plated with gold and coated with silicone. Owing to this design, the needles can penetrate skin deeply without damaging epidermis. Once they have been inserted, the needles start to emit RF energy that stimulates regeneration of skin. The result? Smooth and light skin, reduced wrinkles and shrunk pores. The improvement is visible after the first session but it is recommended to repeat the treatment 2-4 times for improving and fixing the effect.

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