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Skin thickening and firming

The loss of firmness of skin is one of the first symptoms of aging. Skin gets less elastic, flabby or even rough as a result of decay of collagen fibers. The process gets underway early, at the age of 30, but it can be slowed down by application of the contemporary methods of aesthetic medicine.

Microneedle radiofrequency is a proven method that provides a volume-building effect of firming up skin. The process creates 3D micro-injuries in a controlled way to stimulate the remodeling of the tissue. Energy reaching deep layers of skin triggers regeneration of cells while radio wave emitting micro-needles activate the renewal of collagen fibers. The procedure can improve the face oval, effectively lift the “dropping cheeks” and eliminate wrinkles or even deep furrows. Microneedle radiofrequency can not only improve the look of facial skin but also firm up areas such as the neck, cleavage, belly, arms, breasts or even buttocks.

Microneedle radiofrequency is a very precise and safe method of skin lifting. It owes its low invasiveness to the special design of gold-plated needles used by the therapeutic instrument. The needles penetrate skin in rows, in a pattern that not only protects epidermis against burns but also alleviates the patient’s discomfort.

The main benefits of the method include short convalescence, so the procedure can be applied just a few days before the “grand coming out”. The thickening and firming up of skin using the Microneedle radiofrequency method can be done at any time of the year. Two to four repetitions are recommended for a satisfactory result. The treatment can be taken by anyone who has noticed a loss of his or her skin volume and firmness.

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