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Plasma technology

Plasma technology is a state-of-the-art system using the electric arc for heating up and vaporizing (or sublimating) skin cells affected by lesion. The conversion produces hot ionized gas known as plasma.

The method is one of the most innovative solutions available to the aesthetic medicine. The procedure acts pointwise, just at the target area, so healthy tissues and deeper skin layers remain intact. Plasma technology is an alternative to procedures involving the use of the scalpel or needles. It is also safe to those who may not have their body penetrated by electric current (e.g., wearers of pacemakers).

The plasma induction is used for correction of non-advanced laxity of eyelid skin, reduction of neck wrinkles and eradication of skin lesions including papillae, fibromata, milia and xanthomata. The method is non-invasive but very effective.

The target area is anesthetized with a special cream. The duration of the session depends on the target area and size of the lesion. The patient ends up with a local edema and skin redness but these ailments subside after 4-7 days. The treatment leaves no scars or other permanent traces. There is no need for convalescence.



  • Non-invasiveness
  • Precision
  • Rapid effect
  • No effect on daily life
  • Pacemaker safety



  • Upper eyelid lifting
  • Elimination of under-eye pouches
  • Reduction of crow’s feet
  • Correction of neck wrinkles
  • Eradication of skin lesions (xanthomata, fibromata)



  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Active inflammation or infection
  • Skin disease
  • Autoimmune disease

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