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Eyelid correction

Dropping eyelids can be an inborn feature or a result of loss of skin elasticity in this area, a natural symptom of aging. The volume of collagen fibers drops in time, so skin loses its firmness and elasticity. It can be seen particularly in sensitive areas, such as around the eyes. The loss of skin elasticity in this area often shows up as under-eye pouches. Both the pouches and the dropping eyelids make the face look older, fatigued and sad and, for women, can cause problems with the application of eye makeup.

PLASMAGE is an innovative technique for eyelid correction, which acts strictly pointwise and requires no mechanical puncturing of skin. Electrodes of the electric wand of the device create a local electric arc which turns the matter located between the electrodes into plasma. High temperature of the arc stimulates natural processes that rebuild and reinforce skin. The PLASMAGE system acts only at the epidermal level, leaving deeper skin layers and healthy tissues intact. The procedure has no effect on the mobility of the eyelids. The patient may open his or her eyes during the procedure. This is how the doctor is able to operate with more precision on the sensitive skin. The session should be repeated 2-3 times at 6-week intervals for optimum results.

PLASMAGE is a non-invasive alternative to surgeries. The effectiveness of the method is very high for any skin laxity advancement preceding the “surgery only” stage. The treatment is applied under local anesthesia in the form of a special cream or infiltration. Most patients experience edema only, subsiding within up to 7 days. There can be also eyelid redness, for up to a few weeks, easy to conceal with makeup. If professionally delivered, the PLASMAGE procedure will not lave any scars or other permanent marks.

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